Day 603: Lamberth Bridge, London

Day 603: Lamberth Bridge, London


Reference image: google streetview

Tine taken: 35 minutes

So, another Panorama fro today , this time from another bridge, which, ironically enough is looking at the previous St Georges Wharf building being constructed in the centre of the sketch. I didn’t actually realise this until part way into the sketch but thought it was quite a cool little surprise. No idea if the building to the right is a noticeable one but there we go it looked nice anyway.

Really enjoyed the sketch and how it came out. Quite liked watching the skyline appear on the page as I worked outwards from the tower under construction in the centre of the sketch and really happy (and quite surprised) that I have the perspective, proportions and positioning pretty much spot on.

Anyway I hope you like this sketch and will definitely have to try more of these in the future that’s for sure!

Till next time!


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