Day 600: Cursitor St, London

Day 600: Cursito St, London


Reference image: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, unfortunately I managed to forget that it was the 600th day until I got to the end of the sketch so I haven’t actually done anything special for it in terms of subject choice, instead doing this sketch of more construction going on in London, mainly for my new obsession with construction cranes.

Even more annoying was how the sketch didn’t actually come out all that well either with some of the proportions and perspective a bit off. Still you can tell what it is which is the main thing and the cranes look nice which, seeing as they were the main focus of the sketch is probably the main thing.

I’ll just have to make sure the next few make up for the fact that I forgot that this was the 600th sketch!

Till next time!


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