Day 591: Rousdon Estate Church Devon

Day 591: Rousdon Estate Church Devon


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was the other one of the sketches from Rousdon that I was talking about in the last one. This time its of the church that s located on the estate which although not as grand as the other building is still very nice and aesthetically in keeping with the main building as well which was nice to see. This sketch, in my opinion also came out a lot better than the other one did (not that I don’t like the other one, just this one came out neater). Any, as with many of my other sketches random bits seem to be what catch my eyes in the finished sketches, in this case the fence along the bottom which, really isn’t all that interesting or important.

Oh well, such is the way of sketching!

Till next time!


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