Day 588: Rousdon Estate Main Building, Rousdon, Devon

Day 588: Rousdon Estate Main Building, Rousdon, Devon


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, bit of a change for today though I thought I’d sketch a photo of a lovely building that I’d taken the other day when I’d been out on a walk with my son. Turns out it is possible to find brand new things right on the doorstep of where you’ve lived for nearly 30 years as I didn’t realise till the other day that the Rousdon Estate had a public footpath through it, so intrigued as to what it looked like I took a wander around and got a couple of photos of the lovely architecture up there.

This sketch is of part of the lovely main building of the estate up there, a huge old mansion that looks like it belongs in some old period drama or a National trust property. No idea how old it actually is I just know that I love how it looks and am happy with how the sketch came out for it, especially the timber framed looking part of it and the tower .

I do also have another one of the photos sketched for a couple of days ahead of this one so if you like this change from urban sketching keep and eye out for that one!

Till next time!


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