Day 584: 402 Camley St, London

Day 584: 402 Camley St, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, for day 584, we now enter the my new obsession with construction and cranes that I seem to have picked up over the last few days (not exclusively though so don’t worry). So, as that last sentence probably gave away I choose to do this sketch based on the fact that it had a construction element to it. Quite a fun little sketch which was pretty laid back to do and came out pretty nicely.  I really like how the white tree row in the bottom half of the picture frames the rest of it and like that my method for rendering skies seems to actually be working  One thing I think that I would have done differently though in hindsight is that I wouldn’t have made the cranes so bold in the background as I think it hurts the depth that they have with all parts of them the same line width but I still like the sketch!

Till next time!


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