Day 581: Kennington Tesco Carpark, London

Day 581: Kennington Tesco Carpark, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

Bit of a random one for today (though still inside London) in that I decided to draw one of these big cylinder frame things. Now I’ve always been a bit intrigued but these things and never actually really understood what they were for (though I think its something to do with gas storage or something like that). Anyway while wandering around London in street view I came across a few of them and decided that as they were pretty much in disturbed in the background to sketch one.

Pretty glad I did as I liked the practise that the none square and blocky shape gave me and really happy with how it came out. Again I used the whole outlining technique that I had previously tried and I think it worked pretty well here. with the sky also being really simple and not turning out too bad., All in all a sketch I’m happy with!

Till next time!


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