Day 579: Whiston Rd, London

Day 579: Whiston Rd, London


Reference view: Google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

Again, day 579 was a bit of a random one with me choosing to sketch this housing block in London for no other reason than it caught my eye and I liked how it had the slightly curved  bits just beyond the balcony (probably a stairwell though I’m not 100% sure). Quite enjoyed the sketch though I’m beginning to realise that I might need to start adding more definition to the actual subject to make it stand out against the background. I’m aslo noticing, though its not necessarily a bad thing, that my sketches tend to get fatter towards the top of the sketch in kind of a fish bowl perspective way (or at least I think that’s what fish bowl perspective is). Oh well, I suppose these random things are how a unique style is formed by people who (try lol) to create art!

Till next time!


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