Day 574: 15 Chance St, London

Day 574: 15 Chance St, London


Reference: streetiview view (sorry if this opens up the same reference as day 573, its the building just up the street)

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, for this one I literally just turned the camera around from yesterdays and found this much more interesting building to draw for today. Really liked the very detailed face of this one and sensibly choose to actually concentrate on this one rather than my usual, get distracted with the stuff surrounding it.

Really am happy with this one and its definitely my favourite one of these street views so far and one that I feel I’ve probably the most complete of them all so far. I even managed to get the darker lines in with this one which I’ve struggled with on the rest.

Anyway were now all caught up and I’m still really enjoying these street view sketches so expect to I hope you all also enjoy them as there’s some more coming up!

Till then!



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