Day 571: 3 W Tenter St, London

Day 571: 3 W Tenter St, London


Reference image: streetview view

Time taken: 35mins

So, another church for day 571 (this time I’m also pretty sure it is actually a church or at the very least was at some point). Loved the way this building looked so grand in amongst the buildings surrounded it and how it was opposite some really modern looking glass block. The sketch came out pretty nicely too. Could have been a bit neater but there were a lot of details to get into it. I do quite like the windows detailing’s and how I choose to do the trees in the foreground by just leaving a white space. May have to try this technique more often but just hopefully refine it a bit more in the future. Another little detail I love about these sketches is the random street lights and road signs that block parts of the subject. definitely happy to include these rather than omit them.

Anyway lets quickly move on as were not quite caught up again yet!

Till then!


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