Day 567: 10 Great Eastern Street, London

Day 567: 10 Great Eastern Street, London


Reference image: Google Street View scene

So, another 30 minute sketch from this morning for todays sketch (this time it was 30 minutes give or take a minute)  Quite a cool looking pub at this weird angle on another road in London, this just stood out nicely and I thought made an interesting subject. Didn’t quite get as much done in this one as I did in yesterdays but what is here , I think, looks a lot better and more accurate. I especially like the brick work and the arched windows in the building and how the van and cars actually look like vehicles for the most part unlike yesterdays sketch. You can expect another one of these tomorrow as I Will definitely being doing a lot more of these in the future as there fun and make me feel like I’m sort of Urban sketching without leaving the house.

Till then!


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