Day 559: Norfolk Broads

Day 559: Norfolk Broads


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

Decided to get at least one fo the two outstanding blog posts that I have uploaded tonight so here is yesterdays sketch of some boats on the Norfolk Broads, here in the UK. Quite a nice little scene that looked really relaxing. Chose to do it in brush pen in the end as I wanted to get it done quite quickly as it was while I was looking after the little one as well and quite glad I did choose to do it in that medium as well as I think it came out pretty nicely, especially the contrast in the water and the foliage behind it. I also really like how the lighter bush on the left hand side of the sketch came out as I was worried it would just blend into the background foliage rather than stand out as middle ground.

Well that was a quicker post than I thought so I’ll get the next one done as well. See you in a minute.

Till then!


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