Day 583: Cringle St, London (Battersea)

Day 583: Cringle St, London (Battersea)


Reference view: Google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, decided to try and sketch Battersea again for day 583 as I do like the building and how it looks. However I’m going to come straight out and say that I don’t like how this turned out at all. In fact, I think I like the original sketch of it that I did a lot better and that one didn’t turn out brilliantly in the first place. Still these things are there to learn from and I think that making sure everything is actually on the same perspective would have been a better idea in the first place. I do however like the sky in this I just wish the actual subject had turned out better.

So, sorry for having a bit of a self bashing day as I’m sure that’s not why you look at the blog but I like being honest and as long as I take something positive away from it I don’t mind the self criticism and I hope you guys don’t either.

I’ll just have to come back and make sure I get a good sketch of it at some point!

Till next time!


Day 582: 4 Grosvenor Rd, London

Day 582: 4 Grosvenor Rd, London


reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 35 minutes

Turned to some railway buildings for day 582 with these old buildings standing next to a what, as far as I can tell, is a holding yard for rolling stock before you get to London Victoria station (though from the design of the trains it might be a holding yard for underground stock) Anyway whatever the area is used for I’ve always liked London’s rail network so decided to draw some more of it. Some odd angles in the sketch this time but other than that I’m happy with how it came out, especially the building on the right. . I’m also really enjoying finding all these random old buildings using the street view website. Such a nice resource to sketch buildings you otherwise wouldn’t find on the internet.

Till next time!

Day 581: Kennington Tesco Carpark, London

Day 581: Kennington Tesco Carpark, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

Bit of a random one for today (though still inside London) in that I decided to draw one of these big cylinder frame things. Now I’ve always been a bit intrigued but these things and never actually really understood what they were for (though I think its something to do with gas storage or something like that). Anyway while wandering around London in street view I came across a few of them and decided that as they were pretty much in disturbed in the background to sketch one.

Pretty glad I did as I liked the practise that the none square and blocky shape gave me and really happy with how it came out. Again I used the whole outlining technique that I had previously tried and I think it worked pretty well here. with the sky also being really simple and not turning out too bad., All in all a sketch I’m happy with!

Till next time!

Day 380: Westminster Highway, Lamberth, London

Day 380: Westminster Highway, Lamberth, London


Reference view:  google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, were still in London (seem I have a bit of a theme going on here which, I know, your all surprised about lol) and I’ve no idea what this building is used for but I liked it so what the hell. Really enjoyed the sketch as well just wish I had a bit a more time on it to get some more of the details done. I do like the brickwork though and the shadowed windows below the writing. Anyway I need to get caught up at some point so I should probably keep these a bit on the short side so I actually have half a chance.

Till nest time!

Day 579: Whiston Rd, London

Day 579: Whiston Rd, London


Reference view: Google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

Again, day 579 was a bit of a random one with me choosing to sketch this housing block in London for no other reason than it caught my eye and I liked how it had the slightly curved  bits just beyond the balcony (probably a stairwell though I’m not 100% sure). Quite enjoyed the sketch though I’m beginning to realise that I might need to start adding more definition to the actual subject to make it stand out against the background. I’m aslo noticing, though its not necessarily a bad thing, that my sketches tend to get fatter towards the top of the sketch in kind of a fish bowl perspective way (or at least I think that’s what fish bowl perspective is). Oh well, I suppose these random things are how a unique style is formed by people who (try lol) to create art!

Till next time!

Day 578: 157 Commercial St, London

Day 578: 157 Commercial St, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So this one was just a lovely little pub sat on a rounded corner of a random street. Really loved the charm that the place looked like it had (looked like it had been here for ages compared to what was around it). The sketch came out really nicely as well with, I think, a nice illustrative look to it and just like how the shape came out and how it looks a lot cleaner than some of the others that I’ve done.

Till next time!

Day 577: 38 Braithwaite St London

Day 577: 38 Braithwaite St London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, went a bit different for day 577 with this view of one of the many rail bridges scattered throughout London. No really reason other than I fancied a bit of a change and I really liked the arch of the bridge and the tall tower behind it with the plethora of random street items that were in (the traffic lights and such). the way it came out though was a bit weird and shows that I need to work on laying out my sketches a bit better to fit stuff into them that’s at the right scale. I mean it doesn’t look bad but if you compare it you can see that I squashed a fair bit of it. Still it is only a sketch at the end of the day and I think it captured what I was trying to capture (though I would have liked to have made the tall building a bit more prominent in hindsight rather than just having it fade into the background.

Still, as I said I like the outcome of the sketch despite its flaws and I hope you guys do as well while.

Till next time!

Day 576: 1 Princes St, Mayfair London

Day 576: 1 Princes St, Mayfair London


Reference view: google streetview viewpoint

Time taken: 20 mintures

So, this one was a bit of a weird one. Now unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time to sketch on that day and I think it shows in the results of the above sketch which definitely isn’t the best one that I’ve done so far of the street view sketches. Unfortunately I think the angle though me a bit and the pen used was a bit to bold to give the sketch any depth. Though, you can still make it out to an extent as the reference which means its not a complete loss and is definitely not the worst sketch I’ve done.

So, onwards nad upwards (hopefully)!

Till then!


575: Dunmore Point, London

575: Dunmore Point, London


Reference view: Google streetview

Time taken: 30 mins

So, for day 575 I decided to try and sketch this housing block I found randomly clicking around London. Quite liked the look of it as it had a lot of details for a housing block and the stairways looked pretty nice against the brick of the building.

Quite enjoyed the sketch as well which is always a good thing and although the scale may be a bit off in places I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I just need too find someway in the future of getting the scale correct as I’m doing these sketches and then I think they’ll look a lot better.

Till then!