Day 550: Coram Tower, Lyme Regis

Day 550: Coram Tower, Lyme Regis


Refrence image: Personnal photo

So, managed to get a bit more of a detailed sketch done yesterday as opposed to the beach huts the day before. This tower is located opposite the first big car park that you come to as you head down the hill into Lyme (I’ve forgotten the name). A building that I’ve always found interesting I got some photos of it when I was getting my hair cut and decided to sketch one of them.

Really like the sketch actually, though it was one of them ones where I didn’t think it was going to work while I was actually sketching it. Kind of makes me want to do a larger version of it t I may save that for a actual drawing rather than a sketch, we’ll have to see.

Anyway, that’s all for yesterdays one. I may even have time to get todays uploaded and get us caught back up again as I seem to have had a bit of free time today despite what I said in the blog yesterday.

Till then!


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