Day 547: Pull up a stool!

Day 547: Pull up a stool!


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, a new book today and as I mentioned yesterday, I’m still feeling the architecture and still life vibe rather than the whole portraits vibe so I’m going to stick with architecture and related stuff for a while. With this in mind I needed the obligatory entrance page for my new sketchbook and found this cool Saloon door to fit the bill.

Pretty simple sketch really that I’ve done with stippling. Tried to add some other techniques into the sketch as well such as cross hatching in the hope of finding a way to get these stippled (mostly) styled sketches done quicker than they are currently. Quite like the outcome as well though its definitely not as refined as yesterdays boat but I suppose that’s the toss up with less time needed.

Anyway that’s the start of the new sketch book done. Got a few more pictures from Lyme to see if I can sketch from so expect to see them in the next couple of days but other than that. Have a drink on me!

Till then!


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