Day 546: No fishing today

Day 546: No fishing today 


Reference image: Personal photo taken today

So, in an effort to not fall behind again immediately here’s todays sketch. I’m afraid it’s also got the weird lighting in the picture as well. I’m also afraid that I don’t have an actual tanned sketchbook but nevermind let’s get on with the sketch.

Drawn from an image that I took in Lyme Regis today while waiting fur the hairdressers to calm don a bit, this was a boat that I just really like the look of and had to photograph and sketch (probably should try and remember to take my small sketchbook with me in the future as well as I coud have killed some time with that while waiting.

anyway, as for the sketch,  I choose to stipple it again, with a bit of hatching thrown in for good measure, which despite being pretty time-consuming was a lot of fun and pretty relaxing. I also really liked how it came out which is a bonus. True I managed to squash the boat a bit but I’m not sure it’s all that noticeable or anyone will actually care so I’m not going to worry about it and will just enjoy the sketch instead.

This sketch also marks the end of what I think is my eleventh sketchbook so might get something a bit random tomorrow (though I’m not feeling portraiture at the moment so I don’t think it’ll be a portrait or anything and will probably still be on the buildings but we’ll have to see)

Till then!


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