Day 542: Vista Student Accommodation, Exeter

Day 542: Vista Student Accommodation, Exeter


Reference image: Personal photo

So, no random place today, this is somewhere a lot closer to home with a nice new building located in my home city Exeter. Now I’m assuming that its student accommodation (mainly because of the sign on the side and where it is in the city) but I could be wrong but the building itself just really intrigued me.

Quite like the sketch as well. Sure its no where near as refined as some of the ones that I’ve done lately but I like that it seems to have a fun element to it to me. I think this is bought about by my love of urban sketching as this seems closer to a quick urban sketch than my other pieces.

Right I think I might take a break here and come back later to finish off the last 3 days as I have some house work to do so will see you later!


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