Day 537: Lavender fields, Provence, France

Day 537: Lavender fields, Provence, France


Reference image:  Pintrest linkie!

So, were getting a bit behind again but I promise that we’ll catch up this week starting with this sketch of some lavender fields in the Provence region of France. Loved the contrast between the fields and the building/treeline in the reference image and decided that I had to sketch it.

Sketching it was really sun as well which was nice, the lavender itself presented a much easier challenge than I had imagine and I think it came out quite nicely overall. Looking at it though in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have made the dark bits of the house so bold but there we go, another lesson hopefully learnt for next time and I still like the results and the style that its done in, as I said before, much closer to what I wanted and what inspired me to start trying to draw in the first place.

So onwards with the next one in our ever ongoing quest to catch up!

Till then!


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