Day 536: Saint Michel d’Aguilhe Chapel, France

Day 536: Saint Michel d’Aguilhe Chapel, France


Reference image: pintrest linkies!

So another sketch in this new style which I’m really loving (its much closer to what I wanted when I first saw pen and ink illustrations and wanted to try them out. Took me a while to get round to trying this style properly but there we go) but on a smaller scale than the last two of this crazy chapel built on top of this rock.

I actually tried the sky with this one as well which I normally avoid like the plague as it usually goes horribly but hey, its a sketch so what the hell right? Well the results could probably use a bit of improvement but it didn’t ruin it which was a good thing and vaguely look like sky which I’ll take as a success. I also really like the tower top and how the right hand side of the rock came out.

So were actually on track to catch up, with only 3 more days to go!

Till then!


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