Day 534: Pals, Spain

Day 534: Pals, Spain


Reference image: pintrest linkies!

So, for day 534 I choose this image of a archway in the town of Pals in Spain. Now as I said in the previous blog I’ve kind of gone back to my beloved fine liners instead of the brush pen and have been leafing through a book that I have on drawing in pen and ink and came across some styles that I like to tried to see if I could emulate them.

Now this one was actually a lot of fun to do but unfortunately although  you can make out most of it, some parts are a bit too vague (although I think the technique is meant to have a level of vagueness). Some parts came out really nicely though like the lantern and the balcony but I think that’s more to do with how bold they care when compared to the rest of the sketch.

Still, its all a learning process and I still like the results so lets not worry too much and move onto the next one where I try the technique again.

TIll then!


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