Day 526: Forgotten Timetable

Day 526: Forgotten Timetable


Reference image: pintrest link!

So for day 536 I choose to sketch this old double decker bus sat derelict in some woods somewhere. I ;liked it because it looked like the older London buses (though I’ve no idea where it’s actually from as the image link on pintrest isn’t found) and I just quite like the shape of them, especially the front.

The sketch, I think, came out really well as well, with the proportions seeming to work pretty well and the shape being pretty easily distinguishable ( I think that made sense) I think I may have been able to do something better with the trees in the background but overall I do really like it and seeing as the focus is the bus, the trees not being perfect doesn’t really matter all that much.

So, another two down and were only five behind the current day so should be all caught up pretty soon which is good news!

Till then!


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