Day 518: No longer Worshipped

Day 518: No longer Worshipped


Reference image: This was a bit annoying as it was a random guys website that I really wanted to link to but as with the others, I’ve lost the page so sorry about that.

So, I may have been incorrect yesterday in saying that that was the last sketch done with the felt tip brush pen as I think this one may have been instead. Quite a random one here, not sure how I found it but I know it was some guys website who took the pictures randomly after passing this church on a road trick. Really liked how desolate the image looked with the telephone lines disappearing into the distance and not much else around apart from the church.

Really liked the sketch at the end as well and it was fun to do, especially the grass and the foreground which came out nicely  (quite a random thing to like mind you but oh well, there you go!). Anyway not much else to say. Again I’m not going to be uploading two today but at least were not getting any further behind!

Till then!


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