Day 517: Old House

Day 517: Old House


Reference image: Unfortunately this was one of the tabs that were lost so apologies for that> I can’t even remember what site this was on either so my bad.

so this day was the last of the ones done with the felt tip pen as my new pen arrived shortly after I had finished this sketch. Just basically a random old house (though I think I saw it labelled as a old school somewhere). Probably the most detailed of the sketches that I have done with a brush nib and one of the more time consuming ones.

Pretty happy with the actual outcome but the sketch definitely didn’t excite me as much as the last couple did with all the still life things. To be honest, I think I may have gone a bit to detailed for the mood I was in that day but no worries, I still like the outcome. Only got time to upload this one today so will see you all tomorrow where hopefully I ‘ll have more time to upload blogs for you all!

Till then!


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