Day 516: The Doctor will see you now

Day 516: The Doctor will see you now


Reference image: My apologies again but as with the phone edge crashed and lost all my tabs. I know this was a photographer on deviantart though.

So, this is my favourite of the three still life ones I’ve done in the last few days. I love the whole sense of foreboding that a abandoned medical table gives, made even worse by the looming lights giving the impression of something staring down over you.

I purposefully emphasised them a bit in the sketch as well as they were easily my favourite part (I think I like drawing equipment and machines) though I like how stark the bed is in contrast to the room around it, almost as if its been recently cleaned unlike the room around it.

So, as you can probably tell I’m just really happy with how this one came out in genereal even though it does look very sketchy and rushed, it was just a really fun sketch and will hopefully bide you guys over until I can get more uploaded.

Till then!


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