Day 515: Never Rang

Day 515: Never Rang


Reference image: Well I did have this one but unfortunately, Microsoft edge crashed and lost all my browser tabs earlier so there ya go, now I don’t have any of the images because apparently my history is pretty selective in what it shows so sorry about that.

Another still life sketch for day 515, this time in the form of a old turn dialler style telephone in an abandoned building. Again much like the barber photo I really liked the composition and the make up of this photo and wanted to try and replicate it in the sketch, especially as a lot of the photo itself, while not black and white, was very similar to it.

As for the outcome I really like the telephone and how the edges came out on the front of it with the highlights of the black. The lamp in the background also came out really well as well which is nice.

Anyway I hope you like the last couple of sketches of still life objects, I have my favourite one of these still life ones to show you tomorrow (hopefully) so please pop back in to see that!

Till then!


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