Day 211: Climb to ruin

Day 211: Climb to ruin


Reference image: Unfortunately I don’t have the link to the reference image but it was on pintrest I think.

Woops, fell behind again with uploading these blog posts so I’m gonna try and type fast and get back on track with 3 more posts today starting with this sketch that I really like of these stairs in an abandoned apartment block.

Nothing really all that special about it to be honest I just really like the way that it has some very clear black and dark spots and how the hard cut edges of the stairs stand out really well with the black and white sketch. I think I managed to get he perspective down really well in this sketch as well and if I remember rightly it didn’t take that long.

One of the annoying things of the pen used (not the actual sketch) is the obvious marks where I used multiple strokes to fill in the black area but, excitingly, my brush pen arrived yesterday so I’m hoping that its less obvious with the use of that (the brush pen is even more fun than the felt tipped brush) though you’ll have to wait till day 519 to see any sketches done with the new brush pen.

Right so, as we climb ever closer to catching back up, I’ll be back in a few minutes with some more posts. I just need to photograph the sketches and get them uploaded.

Till then!


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