Day 510: Abandoned Tracks

Day 510: Abandoned Tracks


Reference image: This one was a pintrest image though I’ve lost the link since I did the sketch so sorry about that.

So, we’ve gone a bit more underground for this sketch but still just as abandoned with this interesting looking sketch of a mine (or at least the reference photo was interesting. It’s your call on whether or not the actual sketch is interesting, but I like it.

I quite liked the whole focal point of the gaping hole in the foreground in the picture and am pretty happy with how it came across in the sketch though I still wish I could get finer lines to try and detail the rails a bit more over the hole but I still like the overall look of it.

Definitely turned out a lot better than I thought it would while I was sketching it put it that way. Anyway that’s today’s two blogs done, I might have time to do another one or tow later but we’ll have to see.

Till then!


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