Day 507: Left Behind

Day 507: Left Behind


Reference image: link tot he site that I’ve used a lot lately to find building images.

So, another sketch with my new favourite tool for day 507, this time though we have several subjects in the sketch in the form of an old car and old farm house, somewhere in America.

Choose it purely because of the car and wanting to see if I found drawing vehicles any easier and how I would do it with the new pen. Turns out I do find drawing them a bit easier but I think that was because I thought of this one more as shapes rather than and actual vehicle. Funnily enough I think this is what using the brush pen is forcing me to do on everything, see it as shapes rather than the whole which might be why I’m finding it nice to draw with.

As for the actual sketch I like how it came out especially the car. I definitely like the cartoon/illustrative look that using this brush pen gives me as well which is nice and as I’ve said before, its a lot faster than my old fineliners.

Right so that’s one for today. Time to get another one up and then I’ve hit my target again for today.

Till then!


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