Day 506: Old Barn

Day 506: Old Barn


Reference image: found the actual image in a random tab I had open

So, ignoring the fact that I’ve probably used this title before on another daily sketch post we have another barn for you all today done again in newly found and loved brush pen. Definitely a lot more intricate and detailed than the previous day as I wanted to see what I could do with the brush pen whilst still learning it.

I think I managed to push the values in it well and have indicated shadow in it though I think being able to get a slightly finer line would help overall though I’m not sure if I can control it that well (though the point isn’t to fine in the first place to be honest).

Anyway I still love the outcome of the sketch and how the tool allows for quick sketching. Happily I’ve also managed to get two more posts up today so good day all round.

Till then!


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