Day 505: Old Farm Building

Day 505: Old Farm Building


Reference image: Same site that I’ve used a lot lately for reference image

So, this day was a bit of an experiment for me. My Uncle had got me a set of Faber Castell pens for Christmas, one of which was a brush pen. As such I decided to give it a bit of a try out to see what there like and boy am I glad that I did. Since then my sketches have got a lot quicker and the results in my opinion are a lot better but anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

For day 505 as such, I choose to do something simple and easy that didn’t really take a whole lot of thought but would allow me to try out several things with the pen (such as creating shadowed and light areas of the same texture and as well as trying to simulate grass.

All in all really like the outcome and have come to love the pen so much over the last 10 days or so of using it that I’ve ordered a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to try out as well as it’ll run out before long at the rate I’m using it. Ironically enough though, the ink cartridges arrived today before the actual pen but there ya go, what to do, hopefully the pen will arrive tomorrow or something.

Till then!


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