Day 504: Local Farm Buildings

Day 504: Local Farm Buildings


Reference: Personal photo that I took a little while back of some local farm buildings.

So, for day 504 I found a photo that I’d taken on my phone while filling the last sketchbook and decided that as I was concentrating on buildings in this sketchbook it would be a waste not to use the reference image.

The composition is pretty simple with a old gate and some farm sheds and outbuilding’s in the mid ground. Really enjoyed this sketch as well. Unlike the previous day’s one this one is a lot clearer with the subject matter and you can clearly see the different elements that make it up rather than it all being all jumbled and a bit of a mess with the rendering.

I definitely would have loved  bit more contrast between the two buildings as one is closer than the other but overall I’m happy enough with it and it looks a lot like the actual reference which is the main thing.

So that’s two days down and at least this way even if it’s not consistently every day it gives you guys a bit of a gap between the posts to its not the end of the world, would be nice to get caught up though.

Till then!



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