502: Rumbling Bridge, Perth and Kinross

502: Rumbling Bridge, Perth and Kinross


Reference image: So again either I did this off my phone or have just lost the tab that I used so sorry for that. I should really start bookmarking them when I do it on the computer.

Right, so in the interest of at least getting one post a day until we get caught up here’s one of a random bridge in Scotland where I wanted to try and see if I could get contrast into an image where the reference didn’t really have that much in it in the first place.

Not sure if this one came out as well as the previous ones have. Although it is obvious that it’s a bridge (or at least I hope it is) I don’t think I got the contrast into that I had hoped that I would when I choose the image. I do like the water though which came out quite well despite just being a load of horizontal lines.

Anyway that was day 502’s sketch which means that at least I’ve not added to the amount of posts I’ve got left before I can catch up so that’s a good thing. Hopefully I can get more than one uploaded tomorrow and then we may actually be on our way to catching up.

Till then!


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