Day 499: Old Factory

Day 499: Old Factory


Reference Image: site I used to lately to get a lot of images to draw from in regards to buildings.

So for day 499 I choose to sketch out this old factory building (that I found on the same site that I have been finding a lot of references on lately). Quite a detailed sketch here with a lot of line work in it and shadows so thought it would make an interesting and engaging subject.

Found this one quite challenging to sketch really as I hadn’t given myself a lot of room and as I said above, there was quite a lot of detail and small line work to go into it. Overall though I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Some of the black lines look a bit to harsh and bold (which is ironic given what I was saying in day 498’s blog) but other than that I like the outcome of it, especially the smoke stack which is a slightly random thing to pick out but there you go.

Think I’m going to leave it at two days for today (which is two more than I normally manage lately so I’m not going to complain too much) as I want to hit the sack so I’ll see you all tomorrow for, hopefully, another couple of blog posts (we may actually catch up at this rate!).

Till then!



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