Day 497: Lock and Key

Day 497: Lock and Key


Reference Image: Have lost the original tab and surprisingly enough, searching for lock and key brings up tonnes of results that are nothing like this one so apologies for that.

So, new book for day 497 and decided to try something different with it as I was a bit burned out on the people drawing that I had filled the last sketchbook with. So to this end I decided that this book will be about buildings and landscapes without any portraits including the usual first page self portrait.

So, having decided on that focus for the book I choose a lock and key for the first page as I thought it was fitting enough and a interesting looking reference image to draw from. Really happy that I did as well as it came out really nicely in my opinion and was definitely a nice change from the people drawing that OI had been doing.

It was also done with a Papermate rollerball which was a really nice pen to sketch with (though is a ballpoint so has the downsides that I’ve mentioned many times in the past). Still I had only intended this one to be used for the under drawing but carried on and did the whole piece with it and am really glad that I did.

Anyway, enough rambling for tonight. I have a good few more to go but in theory, if I can get three uploaded a day we should catch up at some point lol, but until then please enjoy these uploads and a Happy New Year!

Till then!


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