Day 498: Old and Run Down

Day 498: Old and Run Down


Reference image: link tot he site that I’ve used a lot lately to find building images.

So, continuing with the theme of buildings and structures for this sketchbook we have a sketch of an old barn found on a site that gives you a load of building images using specific search words (the site is in the link above).

Choose this building because I feel that I need to try and get some perspective practise in as I hadn’t used perspective in quite a while (an entire sketchbook in fact so about 50 days at least) and I wanted to get back into the flow of it.

Other than that I really liked how the sketch came out. True it is a bit sketchy in places but hey, it is meant to be a sketch so I’m not going to worry about it too much. As for what I could improve in the sketch I think I would have liked to have added more tonal difference and contrast into it but that’s something I always seem to struggle with, especially with building and landscapes.

So, I want to get another day uploaded at least tonight o onwards onto another building or landscape (pretty sure its a building).

Till then!


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