Day 524: Awaiting a signal!

Day 524: Awaiting a signal!


Reference image: reference image from flicker

so and building no longer in use (though in considerable y better state than the windmill) this little signal box was really nice and caught my eye so that I had to sketch it.

Pretty happy with this one, especially the left hand side of it and how the foliage that surrounds it came out as I think it really helps to make the rest of the sketch stand out (or rather make the subject stand out) Overall it could probably do with a bit more detail but then again I like the results so I’m happy.

So that’s another two down so its time to get some sleep and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till then!


Day 523: No Longer Turning

Day 523: No Longer Turning


Reference image: link to a image source website.

So, I decided to draw a windmill for day 523 but of course, with my current obsession it had to be run down and ruined for me to consider it which made this one above perfect (well ok I would probably have drawn an intact one but this was the first one that caught my eye).

Pretty quick sketch that didn’t produce my favourite results but still go the subject across which is the main thing. I do like however how the blades came out as the perspective and size of the blades was pretty random and something I didn’t think I would get right.

So, should be able to get another one uploaded for you all tonight so, I hope you all like the windmill and I’ll be back in a few!

Till then!

522: Old Tower

522: Old Tower


Reference: got the reference for this one as well

Another random old building again for day 522 in the form of this old tower. No idea what it was used for but I thought it looked quite cool having all the old wood part falling apart while the stone bit sits untouched below it.

Quite liked the sketch as well. Its a bit messier than I would normally aim for but nevermind, I think it might add to the run down look. I also really like the tree in the foreground though I think I have a tendency to like these small random details that aren’t the main subject. So that was another one uploaded for today. Pretty knackered so I don’t think I’ll have another one up tonight so I’ll see you all later.

Till then!

Day 521: Slums of Shaolin

Day 521: Slums of Shaolin


Reference image: can’t find the actual image but it was definitely from this site

So, another architecture one today showing some urban decay beginning to happen in these old and slightly run down homes in Shanghai (kind of took the name of the site rather than the actual place as the sketch name so oppps to that).. Really liked the random look of all the houses in this with the carried roofline heights and the random adornments. Looks like one of them interesting places you would never see unless you got lost in the city.

Again I think this shows more control over the brush pen, especially where the thin lines are concerned and getting a consistent line. Quite happy with how the details in this one came out as well, just overall a nice sketch which I think shows the scene well.

Anyway I hope you like these two posts. Were slowly catching back up now (I’ve currently just finished day 527 so were not that far behind). Probably all for today though as I have work in a bit and won’t get back till late so will see you all tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 520: Tbilisi

Day 520: Tbilisi


Reference image: second one down in this thread

So, were now back at the point where I actually have the references open still in tabs on my browser so should be able to give full credit to each of them from now on starting  with this image from the city of Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. Quite an interesting place from the images that I’ve seen of it with a loot of varied architecture which, to be honest I assumed was Asian to start off with.

Anyway I really liked this image as the style of the house seems quite removed from the type of the church behind it and it just made for an interesting image. Again this was done with the brush pen and I think shows a bit of an improvement over the day before sketch. At least I’m a lot more happier with this one than I was with day 519 so that’s the main thing.

Anyway we need to move on swiftly as I’ve fallen behind with trying to post two a day so would like to start catching up again so on to the next one!

Till then!

Day 519: Kolkata Villa

Day 519: Kolkata Villa


Reference image: actually found this one for today’s sketch

So, this was the first of the sketches done with new brush pen and a bit of a learning curve over the felt tip one here. Turns out it isn’t actually that easy to get a thin consistent line with it, without any practise. Anyway the subject matter was pretty random, just a funky looking villa in amongst the other houses in Kolkata, India. Thought it was quite detailed but overall a simple shape that would make a good sketch to do to introduce myself to the proper brush pen.

Turns out that although I don’t mind the outcome, it probably would have been a better idea to have started with something a bit more simple than this photo. One of the best things I found though using the brush pen is that its a lot quicker to actually lay down ink using it than the fel.t tip one (and definitely the fine liners) and therefore the sketch was pretty quick. Hopefully I’ll get even quicker with a bit more practise with the pen which will make the daily sketches a bit more easy to get done, but we’ll have to see.

Till then!

Day 518: No longer Worshipped

Day 518: No longer Worshipped


Reference image: This was a bit annoying as it was a random guys website that I really wanted to link to but as with the others, I’ve lost the page so sorry about that.

So, I may have been incorrect yesterday in saying that that was the last sketch done with the felt tip brush pen as I think this one may have been instead. Quite a random one here, not sure how I found it but I know it was some guys website who took the pictures randomly after passing this church on a road trick. Really liked how desolate the image looked with the telephone lines disappearing into the distance and not much else around apart from the church.

Really liked the sketch at the end as well and it was fun to do, especially the grass and the foreground which came out nicely  (quite a random thing to like mind you but oh well, there you go!). Anyway not much else to say. Again I’m not going to be uploading two today but at least were not getting any further behind!

Till then!

Day 517: Old House

Day 517: Old House


Reference image: Unfortunately this was one of the tabs that were lost so apologies for that> I can’t even remember what site this was on either so my bad.

so this day was the last of the ones done with the felt tip pen as my new pen arrived shortly after I had finished this sketch. Just basically a random old house (though I think I saw it labelled as a old school somewhere). Probably the most detailed of the sketches that I have done with a brush nib and one of the more time consuming ones.

Pretty happy with the actual outcome but the sketch definitely didn’t excite me as much as the last couple did with all the still life things. To be honest, I think I may have gone a bit to detailed for the mood I was in that day but no worries, I still like the outcome. Only got time to upload this one today so will see you all tomorrow where hopefully I ‘ll have more time to upload blogs for you all!

Till then!

Day 516: The Doctor will see you now

Day 516: The Doctor will see you now


Reference image: My apologies again but as with the phone edge crashed and lost all my tabs. I know this was a photographer on deviantart though.

So, this is my favourite of the three still life ones I’ve done in the last few days. I love the whole sense of foreboding that a abandoned medical table gives, made even worse by the looming lights giving the impression of something staring down over you.

I purposefully emphasised them a bit in the sketch as well as they were easily my favourite part (I think I like drawing equipment and machines) though I like how stark the bed is in contrast to the room around it, almost as if its been recently cleaned unlike the room around it.

So, as you can probably tell I’m just really happy with how this one came out in genereal even though it does look very sketchy and rushed, it was just a really fun sketch and will hopefully bide you guys over until I can get more uploaded.

Till then!