Day 494: Christmas Candle

Day 494: Christmas Candle


Reference: Still life study from Parents kitchen

Firstly, happy belated Christmas for day 494. Now falling on Christmas Day, I’m sure you’ll understand the rather bland and a little bit boring candle sketch that I’ve done on the basis that I didn’t really have a lot of time to actually get the sketch done, seeing as I was trying to spend as much of the day as possible with the Add to family and enjoying my sons first Christmas. thankfully I remembered to actually do the sketch even if it was at 11pm at night, and choose the most simple, though a little bit interesting subject in the form of this candle thing.

It didn’t even come out that badly which is nice given that it really was rushed (and drawn while playing a card game if I remember correctly) though I do wish that I had made the windows a bit more solid of a black.

So that’s another Christmas over for the year. Time really does go a bit too quick when it comes tot he actual day. Still there’s another one next year so only another 365 blog posts until we get there. Better carry on with uploading them tomorrow then!

Till then!


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