Day 492: Xmas Decorations

Day 492: Xmas Decorations


Source: life drawing from parents living room.

So, another Christmas sketch for day 492 (which was the day before Christmas Eve bif I’m not mistaken) in the form of a quick sketch of one of the decorations that my parents had running around the living room, a Xmas heart in amongst some fake foliage.

Really quick sketch this one, done when I realised that I was running out of time to do the sketch while we watched the end of The Nativity. This was also one of the few times that I’ve tried to represent a light in the sketch. in this case the pure white dots that are in the foliage. Not sure it worked brilliantly well but there wasn’t any other way that I could think of doing it so will just have to try some different things in the future when it comes to light sources.

So, that’s another post done in my attempts to catch up with my current day (just finished day 499’s sketch so were only what, 8 days behind)……

I need to type faster………..

Till then!.


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