Day 487: Pride

Day 487: Pride


Reference image: Again, I accidently closed the tab that the image was open in and can’t seem to find it in my history sorry. The google search however, was lion roaring.

So, another change in choice of subject fro yesterday, brought on by trying to get my son to sleep and having to listen to ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ over and over again (song from the Lion King in case you were wondering where the connection was). Definitely, one of the better sketches that I’ve done recently, this one came out really nicely for the amount of time that I spent on it and for how loose the lines and concentration on it was.

So, that’s everything all caught up again, today not included which is better. Hopefully tomorrow I can get both today’s and tomorrow’s up then we’ll be properly caught up but we’ll have to see.

Till then!


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