Day 484: Van Helsing

Day 484: Van Helsing


Reference image: source image link

So, once again were miles behind and I plan on having a bit of a blitz this evening to catch us back up starting with this sketch of Van Helsing.

No idea why I really choose to sketch Van Helsing. I assume it was a google search result for some other search that I was doing but there we go. Quite a fun and quick sketch that came out quite nicely when it comes to my normal figure sketches as most of this one seems to be in proportion, and although a little cartoony the face still doesn’t look too far removed from the actual actor.

Really liked the added background as well and how I tried to make it sit back from the focus of the sketch. Not sure if it’s a style that I want to do with every sketch but I think it worked here.

Anyway, this is just one of the 5 days or so that I have to upload so I think we should just try and push forward with it so I'[ll see you all again in a minute!

Till then!


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