Day 482: Berserk

Day 482: Berserk


Reference image: image link

So were back in the whole fantasy theme again but this time we’ve moved away from StarWars to Teen Wolf. Now I’ve no idea what Teen Wolf actually is having never seen any of the series but this monster looked suitably dark and evil enough to sketch from yesterday sketch.

Quite a fun sketch of a monster known as a Beserker. As you may have noticed I’ve kind of given up with the whole Frank Miller style comic look and just gone with the look that I naturally seem to end up doing most of my sketches in as they always end up like this anyway so I may as well just try and develop it.

Really liked the outcome of the sketch as well. It was pretty quick and ended up looking a lot more accurate then I thought it would as I was doing it. Definitely want to do more sketches that contain ribs/bones in them as I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to get them looking correct

So, we’ve got another random Teen Wolf sketch that I did this morning so let’s  get that one uploaded too and then we’ll all be up to date!

Till then!


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