Day 479: Its a Trap!

Day 479: Its a Trap!


Reference image: image clicky!

So, sticking with the Star Wars theme, for day 479, we have everybody’s favourite fishie humanoid (ok so The Little Mermaid and Dr Zoidberg might have the edge but nevermind, he’s my favourite), Admiral Ackbar, famous for his ‘It’s a trap!’ line.

Quite a fun little sketch as well and it came out pretty well. Quite like his eyes and the background as well as they both stand out and help make him pop respectively. The rendering on his face came out quite well as well which was nice though I still want to actually try and do some black and white (as in just pure black and pure white, or at least bring the range of tones back to like 3 or 4) as, at the moment its just rendered in the same way that I usually render things.

So, that was day 479. Unfortunately were still behind by several days but hopefully, I’ll be able to get a couple more up tonight before I’m too knackered and if not, they’ll definitely be up tomorrow morning, anyway.

Till then!


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