Day 478: Poe Dameron

Day 478: Poe Dameron


Source: link clicky

So, apologies for not uploading over the last couple of days but I’ve been a bit busy and haven’t had time to upload anything. To show that I’ve not given up on this though I want to try and get at least one of the 4 days I’m behind on before I head up to bed.

Starting with this sketch of the Rebel Alliances fighter ace Poe Dameron from the new Star Wars film standing on what I assume is his X-wing. Really enjoyed the look of the character in the image so that’s what made me decide to sketch him. Really enjoyed the sketch and love the outcome of it, especially the jumpsuit and how that came out though I’m not sure it’s obvious that its Star Wars pilot rather than just a pilot but there you go.

Right, so there’s one day of the four uploaded at least. I should have a couple of hours free in the afternoon tomorrow when I get home from work so I’ll try and get the rest uploaded then.

Till then!


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