Day 475: Maz

Day 475: Maz


Source:reference image clicky!

So for yesterday’s sketch, I choose to do one of my favourite characters from the new Star Wars movie in the form of the diminutive but obviously more powerful than she’s letting on smuggling queen, Maz Kanata.

Really quick sketch that turned out really nicely and is one that I’m really happy with, especially the goggles which I thought were the most interesting and engaging feature of the character. I’m really enjoying this new approach that I’m taking to rendering these sketches and how I’m getting more confident in putting down the pen and not hesitating loads before doing so which in the end seems to give better results.

Anyway, that was yesterday’s sketch. I have today’s done in the form of another iconic sketch from the franchise but will have to wait till tomorrow to get that uploaded I’m afraid as I want to be up early int he morning as I have work.

Till then!


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