Day 469: Muscle study 2

Day 469: Muscle study 2


Source: stock image reference

So today I carried on with the muscle study sketches after finding some brilliant stock references here deviantart link to a stock reference account. As I also mentioned int he previous blog, I wanted to try and see if I could emulate a Da Vinci style rendering process. Choosing this pose as I liked the amount of power it conveyed and the amount of definition there was, I did a quick sketch on it.

One thing I didn’t really think about when I first choose the image though was the amount of dark space in it and that as I was trying to do a muscle definition sketch choosing an image where I couldn’t see a fair bit of the outline of the model and had to guess it may not have been the best idea but nevermind, I like how the sketch came out.

Not sure I got Da Vinci style rendering on it, rather just doing my usual rendering style but I suppose that’s a force of habit and it’s not a million miles away from the hatching his rendering methods anyway so it’s not that much of an issue (though his has miles more control than mine lol).

Anyway, I have a couple more days to go before we’re caught up again (sorry about that) but I’m a bit knackered at the moment so think I’m going to hit the sack and get the rest done tomorrow.

Till then!


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