Day 494: Christmas Candle

Day 494: Christmas Candle


Reference: Still life study from Parents kitchen

Firstly, happy belated Christmas for day 494. Now falling on Christmas Day, I’m sure you’ll understand the rather bland and a little bit boring candle sketch that I’ve done on the basis that I didn’t really have a lot of time to actually get the sketch done, seeing as I was trying to spend as much of the day as possible with the Add to family and enjoying my sons first Christmas. thankfully I remembered to actually do the sketch even if it was at 11pm at night, and choose the most simple, though a little bit interesting subject in the form of this candle thing.

It didn’t even come out that badly which is nice given that it really was rushed (and drawn while playing a card game if I remember correctly) though I do wish that I had made the windows a bit more solid of a black.

So that’s another Christmas over for the year. Time really does go a bit too quick when it comes tot he actual day. Still there’s another one next year so only another 365 blog posts until we get there. Better carry on with uploading them tomorrow then!

Till then!


Day 492: Santa Claus

Day 492: Santa Claus


Reference image: image clicky!

So, here we have another Christmas themed sketch for Christmas Eve (which, being entirely honest is only fair, I mean it would have been a bit odd for me to not do a Christmas themed sketch on Christmas Eve) .This time its my attempt at sketching the big man himself , Santa Claus, in this case the one from the movie of the same name (the one that also had the elf played by Dudley Moore in it which I sketched several days back (which I do also now realise that contrary to what I said yesterday in the Reindeer blog, was the first Christmas sketch)).

Anyway, I didn’t really have a lot of time with this one as I had work on Christmas Eve and other things that I needed to get done (what with it being a busy time of year and all) so it was a bit rushed but overall I still like how it came out in the end and I think is still recognisable (as Santa at least, even if not as the actor), which is the main thing.

So, with the jolly red guy having had a sketch that’s the Christmas sketches pretty much done with one last one for Christmas Day which I’ll get uploaded in a minute.

Till then!

Day 492: Xmas Decorations

Day 492: Xmas Decorations


Source: life drawing from parents living room.

So, another Christmas sketch for day 492 (which was the day before Christmas Eve bif I’m not mistaken) in the form of a quick sketch of one of the decorations that my parents had running around the living room, a Xmas heart in amongst some fake foliage.

Really quick sketch this one, done when I realised that I was running out of time to do the sketch while we watched the end of The Nativity. This was also one of the few times that I’ve tried to represent a light in the sketch. in this case the pure white dots that are in the foliage. Not sure it worked brilliantly well but there wasn’t any other way that I could think of doing it so will just have to try some different things in the future when it comes to light sources.

So, that’s another post done in my attempts to catch up with my current day (just finished day 499’s sketch so were only what, 8 days behind)……

I need to type faster………..

Till then!.

Day 491: Reindeer

Day 491: Reindeer


Reference image: Google search for Reindeer though trying to find this exact image again is a bit of a challenge so sorry for that.

So, coming up to Christmas I decided that it might be nice to do some more Christmas sketches rather than the comic ones that I’d done in the days before so decided to sketch a Reindeer because you know, Christmas and all.

Anyway I actually really like how the actual sketch came out and it looks a lot more accurate than I thought it would while sketching it. Funnily enough one of the bits of the sketch that I actually really like is the foliage along the bottom which really shouldn’t be interesting at all but there you go, apparently I like it a lot.

Anyway, that s the first of the Christmas sketches (or at least i think it is, its been a while since I blogged anything though so I might be wrong). Got a couple more to upload so will see you then!

Till then!

Day 490: The Dark Knight

Day 490: The Dark Knight


Reference image:: website clicky!

So, firstly Merry Christmas to everyone who follows the blog  (a couple of days late I know but nevermind). Secondly, my apologise for getting really behind on posting these blogs. As usual though, I’ve been keeping up with the actual sketches which is the main thing.

Unfortunately though, this means that we now have a load of days to catch up on starting with this Batman to go with day 489’s Joker. Quite happy with this sketch as he actually came out looking quite accurate and I really like the stark black contrast with the black pen.

So, that’s one down, only another half a dozen or so to go before we’re caught up, better get typing tomorrow me thinks!

Till then!

Day 489: Why So Serious?

Day 489: Why So Serious?


Reference Image: Apologies, I closed the tab and now can’t find the exact image that I used as reference.

So, with the best intentions of continuing the Christmas theme I managed to get distracted watching a youtube sketching video and instead, ended up drawing Heath Ledgers Joker looking rather dejected but in his usual evil way.

Really like this sketch as well as I love the expression on his face and how I managed to get some good looking eyes from this sketch which is something I usually struggle with and I love his iconic mouth with its tearing up the side,  overall, just a really nice sketch that I think came out well.

So, another two more to go to catch up but I’m also falling asleep now so will have to do them tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 488: Patch

Day 488: Patch 


Reference image: image clicky!

So, as we’re nearing Christmas, I decided to do the first of what I suspect will be several Christmas sketches with the Elf character played by Dudley Moore from the film Santa Claus the movie, one of mine and my brothers favourite Christmas movies (looking back though this film was a slightly over the top explosion of colour but damned if I’m not going to make my son watch it as he grows up!).

Anyway, the sketch came out quite well given how hard it was for me to find an actual image that I wanted to sketch from, choosing this one above (the actual image was a cropped version of the one of the Elf and the evil businessman). Quite like the likeness that I achieved with the sketch as well though the expression is a little bit vacant looking and he looks like a Thunderbird character as my wife pointed out, but still, I’m happy with the sketch which is the main thing.

Right, so that’s day 488 posted and as you’ve probably noticed were a bit behind again so let’s get at least another one uploaded tonight.

Till then!

Day 487: Pride

Day 487: Pride


Reference image: Again, I accidently closed the tab that the image was open in and can’t seem to find it in my history sorry. The google search however, was lion roaring.

So, another change in choice of subject fro yesterday, brought on by trying to get my son to sleep and having to listen to ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ over and over again (song from the Lion King in case you were wondering where the connection was). Definitely, one of the better sketches that I’ve done recently, this one came out really nicely for the amount of time that I spent on it and for how loose the lines and concentration on it was.

So, that’s everything all caught up again, today not included which is better. Hopefully tomorrow I can get both today’s and tomorrow’s up then we’ll be properly caught up but we’ll have to see.

Till then!

Day 486: Goblin

Day 486: Goblin


Reference image: image link!

So, here we change from vampires to Goblins, specifically, those that resides in Goblin Town from the Hobbit films. Another film series and book that I really like and have already done several sketches from (Radagast was the most recent one I think).

Again I like the outcome of this one though didn’t think it would work out at all whilst actually doing it. Admittedly though it does look a lot better now as originally I did have several other goblins in the background but unfortunately, there wasn’t anywhere near enough contrast in the goblins and it looked like a mess, hence why I went with solid black background.

I also really like how I managed to successfully forshorten the goblins hands and thank god for the white gel pen or none of this would have stood out in the end. I’m also really happy with his expression, overall just a really fun sketch.

Right one more for tonight as I don’t have today’s photogrpahed so lets get as caught up as wer goign to tonight!

Till then!