Day 460: Taking a break

Day 460: Taking a break


Reference: reference clicky!

So, continuing on with the whole dancing poses and figure drawings we have a girl taking a break. Although it doesn’t show it as well in the black and white sketch I did, I loved the look of the blue skirt and shoes against the rest of the image but oh well, I think I managed to get a good contrast to try and show it off. I also really liked the inclusion of the teacup in the photo as well so that was a bit of a draw to it.

Really like the outcome as well, definitely the best of the dancing ones that I’ve done (though you could argue that it’s not technically a dancing one). Still trying to get a way of hatching with the normal contours of the skin but I need a lot of work on it until I’m happy.

Anyway I’ve got another blog post to make before I have to head off to work so I should probably get on with posting that one too.

Till then


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