Day 457: Graceful

Day 457: Graceful


Reference: link clicky!

So, for today were sticking with people sketching but this time it’s a bit more graceful than recent sketches (or at least its supposed to be) in the form of a dancer. It was also a bit more of a figure study rather than a portrait.

Again I tried to be as fluid and quick as possible with the sketch though the rendering did take a bit of time but nevermind, it definitely made it look a lot better in the end. Quite happy with how it came out as I normally find that I struggle with figure drawing and they always end up looking a bit awkward and I think this one looks a lot more fluid.

Will have to try some more of these to see if I can get it to the point where I can get rid of the frayed lines and make them look even more fluid.

Till then!


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