Day 454: Homeless

Day 454: Homeless


Reference: link clicky!

Just a quick blog for yesterday’s sketch as I need to get to bed but yeah, its another portrait, this time of a homeless man taken by the photographer Don McCullin. Really interesting reference on this one with a weathered face and a lot of rather crazy hair which gives him quite a unique appearance that was quite a lot of fun to sketch.

Again the sketch was done pretty quickly without me really thinking about it as I did it. True the hair isn’t perfect but I do really like the eyes and the centre of the face which is good as that’s the focal point. Overall I’m just really happy with how it came out and with how these portraits seem to be improving with each one.

Well, so much for the short blog today, turned out longer than most have been recently but nevermind, I do have today’s done though I don’t have time to post the blog but I’ll definitely get it up tomorrow, hopefully along with tomorrows.

Till then!


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