Day 447: In the cave

Day 447: In the cave


So yesterday I started the next sketchbook for the daily sketches (I think I have like 9 now) so vit was time for another self potrait. Did this one wearing a hoodie which my wife refers to as being in the cave so that’s where the odd title comes from.

Definetelty a better self potrait than the last one that I did to start the last sketchbook but there’s still soemthing slightly off to me. I think this may be my achilles tendon (or rather my worst achilles tendon) hen it comes to sketching as I can never get a self potrait right. I suppose I could claim that I don’t practise them as much as the other stuff but I’m sure that’s just kidding myself seeing as I draw general potraits often enough. Still it’s an definite improvement which is always a good thing so I’m happy.

Right one more to go to chatch us up so lets get on with it!

Till then!


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