Day 441: Hidden Cottage

Day 441: Hidden Cottage


So we have another cottage today this time from a walk that we did a little while back several miles from our house, down roads that I didn’t even know existed (despite living in the area for 27 years). This particular cottage was barely visible on the side of a hill overlooking Lyme and Uplyme and this was about all that could be seen on it.

Still, the actual design of it (what little I could see) looked really nice and so I took a quick photo. It also had some strange glare thing in the photo that I tried to emulate in the sketch so don’t worry I haven’t just gone mad and left a white bar across it for no reason. Again I like the outcome of the sketch, though I prefer yesterday’s over this one but still really happy with this one. Again the foliage also came out really nicely which is good.

Right so one more to go which I might do in a minute or I might upload tomorrow I’ll see in a bit when I’ve got these ones up on deviantart account.

Till then!


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